Firearm Holsters & Rifle Scabbards

Custom Holsters

Our firearm holster craftsman can make all types of sizes, colors and styles specifically for your firearm! One Eyed Judge, Doc Holiday rig, The Judge Ranch rig or the Hollywood Judge rig we can create them all! View our videos for different styles. Each holster is custom made and priced accordingly. Prices typically start out at $165.00

Leather Rifle Scabbard with Texas Star

Dual color with engraved Texas Star

Leather and Axis Rifle Scabbard

Beautifully crafted rifle scabbard with Axis skin

Leather & Caiman Croc Rifle Strap

Handsome Caiman rocodile and leather rifle strap

Leather and Axis Rifle Strap

Ideally suited; leather and Axis skin rifle strap